Typically with wedding films, there are two types of master edits. One is Traditional Documentary Style and the other is Creative Movie Like Style, which we are known for! We hope that this price options and samples will help give you a better idea of what we are capable of. We've done a combination of couples for sampling just to show our multi cultural skills! Couples like to think of us as Wedding Film Artists!

More investments towards your wedding film means less regret, and this is coming from all our previous couples. We haven't had a couple regret investing more, they say the opposite, "I wish we invested more!".

Any package you choose below will include the following:

  • 2 professional Wedding Cinematographers
  • Up to 9 hours wedding day coverage
  • RAW NLE Data w/1 TB Passport (Mac or PC Readable)

2,65O USD

2-6 Minute Non Dialogue Teaser & RAW footage (In Charlotte, NC Only)

3,650 USD

3-6 minute Teaser & RAW footage

4,650 USD

3-6 minute Teaser,  Documented Ceremony Edit & RAW Footage (Most Popular Pick)

5,650 USD

3-6 minute Teaser, Documented Ceremony and Reception Edit & RAW Footage

6,650 USD

6-12 minute Feature Film, Documented Ceremony Edit & RAW footage

8,650 USD

6-12 minute Feature Film Documented Ceremony and Reception Edit & RAW Footage

10,050 USD

3-6 minute Teaser, 14-19 minute Feature Film & RAW footage

12,550 USD

3-6 min Teaser, 14-19 min Feature Film, Documented Ceremony and Reception Edit & RAW Footage

All of the above Packages will include a physical Passport 1 TB containing your RAW NLE (unedited) files. Click on Picture for more information on RAW.

You can exempt the $100 from any package if you provide your own drive consisting at least 1,000 GB of free space. Make sure you have your drive backed up and nothing important left in there. It will be formatted and erase everything before we start to transfer any data. 


I believe this is the section where they call it à la carte. Additional services you can take advantage of! 

If you have questions we will be happy to guide you through it! And just to be clear, if you choose to not add anything else, you will STILL have an amazing wedding film with any of the base packages you choose above! We learned these additional services have been requested many times from our previous couples and in return can offer these amazing extras to you too.

  • Up to 59 Seconds InstaGram Post (within one week delivery) - $800
  • Drone operation by qualified professional (up to 4 hour coverage) - $1,500
  • Hidden Camera Proposal (up to 1 hour + 2 shooters) - $950
  • Save the Date Invitation Film - $1,250
  • Advanced 3D intro - $450
  • Boudoir Film (gift for groom) - $850
  • Love Story Film - $1500
  • Movie Poster - $450 (20x30) & $650 (24x36 Actual Movie Poster Size) + Optional $400 2 hour photoshoot
  • Dinner rehearsal (up to 4 hours + 2 shooters + Documentary Edit up to 30 minutes) - $1,500
  • Video Booth with sound (slow motion/confession/wishes/advice/story telling/etc) - $1,500
  • 2nd day shoot with story concept (up to 6 hours) - $1050
  • Trash the wedding dress - $950
  • Express Edit (to put your wedding edits in front of line if we are backlogged) - $750
  • Same Day Edit (SDE) - $2,500
  • Additional Hours - $100/hr in advance or $150/hr
  • Additional Hours w/extra Cinematographers - $75/hr in Advance Only
  • Creative Main Menu - $450
  • Additional BluRay - BluRay $75 each
  • Additional Cinematographer - $650 for 4 hours coverage or $900 for 9 hours coverage
  • Camera Crane + Operator (4 hours) - $1,500
  • Non Disclosure Agreement Form (NDA) - Contact Andrey Solo Films for more details.
  • RAW Footage + HardDrive - Included with any package

 ~ Prices are subject to change without notice. You can only solidify with the agreed price at the signed agreement form when requested.

~ Clients are responsible to cover any travels fees outside of Charlotte vicinity (50 mile radius) including:

  •      $.535/mile
  •     Lodging
  •     Meal on wedding day

~ Booking requires minimum of 50% of the total to solidify date with Andrey Solo Films. Remaining will be due two weeks prior wedding date.

~ Any bookings below $2,500 can only be booked within one month of wedding date.

~ Free drone footage is not guaranteed. If weather does not permit or location is restricted fly zone.  


If you have gotten this far and still can't decide what to order, let me guide you with some words. Why couples pick Ceremony and Reception Traditional Edit, or we like to call documentary style, is because it's a sentimental value and you would want to share with others who could have not made it to your wedding. Generally the prime timers or old schoolers cherish this stuff the most. 

Creative movie-like style is still the new thing and more modern. Not everyone has time to watch through 6 hours of your wedding day. But when you have eye candy scenery and beautiful composition of audio and music, it obviously catches more attention, even if they have never met you. 

Now there's different lengths for creative master edits. Couples pick 3-6 Minute Teaser to show off and re-celebrate their wedding once more publicly or through giant social media. And we encourage that, show it off! You two just got married and deserve to share the special moments! The 14-19 Minute Theatrical Feature Film is like the Teaser but the whole 9 yards. It’s private and you get the whole range of experience and roller coaster ride. If you think Teaser was amazing, Feature just completes the satisfaction. All our couples love this option especially when they can watch their Feature Film every anniversary. Our couple's reached out to us on their 5th year anniversary and sending us photos how they prepared their special night before their movie premiere and we even had couples (one of them NFL) reach out and say how they were having marriage challenges and this movie of theirs reassured them, one of them said “It’s like we renewed our vows again”...

RAW or NLE (non edited files) may seem like nothing but this is where you have full control. We love providing the original footage just to show you that we are not the type where we take advantage. We are excited for you instead and if you find another editor who can edit instead of us, go for it! Couples who have ordered all edits also enjoy having RAW data as well for many reasons. I guess the best way to put it is insurance and peace of mind.


-Andrey Solodyankin