I get a lot of brides asking me, "What is RAW?"

To make it short, RAW is unedited original content. In other words, everything that we have filmed with, including separate audio files. So from start to finish of your special day, whatever we filmed (the good, the bad and the ugly) you will get.

So if it's unedited, why would I want it? Good question. You don't know you want it but let me help you discover it. If a vendor provides RAW footage, that means you get complete control of your wedding content. And it's good. This also means, even if you did only order a 3-6 Minute teaser from us, you will STILL have the flexibility of ordering more edits in the future. Documentary Edits or Extended Creative Edits.

Cool right? Well, let me go a little further. Hold onto your socks! 

If you do plan on doing more edits in the future, you have the RAW footage, not me. In other words, you don't have to come back to us for more edits. You can go to anyone to do the edit for you. If you are extra lucky, you may marry the one who knows how to edit, but there will have to be convincing to do lol 

But all in all, our couples end up coming back to us to do more edits, surprisingly. I didn't expect this to really happen, but I guess it's a good thing to show to all our couples we will never take advantage of them! 

In conclusion, if you want to be financially smart, because we all know weddings aren't cheap and all have a budget or perhaps you aren't sure what edit you want... RAW footage is for you! Whether you like it or not you'll get it from us because we know it's sentimental value and those memories are included with any package you choose with us :) and yes HardDrive is included. Peace of mind right?

For couples that are thinking of ordering more edits through us in the future, we just want to give you an heads up that we cannot guarantee same price since we always have to fluctuate our price based on demand. If you want to lock onto the current price, make the deposit. Otherwise we cannot honor the price if it has changed.

So far, demand just gets higher. This is an inside info I probably shouldn't be sharing, so don't tell my wife. And second, if you do order any edits, keep in mind we have other patient couples waiting for their final wedding package so we will put you in line. Just inquire us for more details about this. 

So if you do have the funds to invest a little more into our post production, I strongly encourage it. But at the same time my wife and I love being able to show flexibility for any couple who desire to work with us and have peace of mind :)

Here is an is an image of how our post production workflow looks like. And by now it's even bigger. Which is why our post production is not speeding up, it's taking longer due to growing technology and attention to detail. Thankfully all our couples understand and are patient with us. We have the best clients!!!

And no, we do not accept any outside weddings. Thank you for understanding and happy wedding :)