Many couples have asked us how we got started? Before we started Wedding Films, I actually pursued wedding photography 3 years prior. There was on particular wedding that changed everything. I was booked with them for photography long before and two days prior wedding date, the father or bride reached out to me and requested I do video instead of photography. It was random and I did not want to. But he was persistent about it even after telling him I do not have the right tools to film. Not enough cameras and I don't even have sound equip or tripod. There is no way I was fit to film instead and never done before. But in the midst of this conversation it felt right to say yes instead of no. I believe God was leading me because I prayed much times to pursue in film without having to fall into the unhealthy culture and lifestyle Hollywood is known for. I wanted a normal family and life and at the same time film something because it's my passion. 

So I agreed to do so. I even said I'll take photos too. No extra charge. Because I was afraid I would mess up with video that at the very least I can back myself up with photography. Yes, I did both photography and video. What's more amazing is this wedding took place a week after I married my lovely wife, Mercy, in India. She was my second shooter at our very first wedding film.

The results? Everyone fell in love with video. No mention with photography though lol even my wife and I fell in love with it. I remember rejecting all my friend girls when they asked me to film their weddings too. They knew I can film because I did a lot of youth videos for my church and I remember saying to myself I will never film wedding at the time. Well, all I can say now God has humor. And if you have gotten this far down to read all this, here's a little treat by watching our very first official wedding film: where it all started :)

Keep in mind I only had two cameras for this film and the second camera I used was for audio sound because the main camera would make loud noise because of the lens stabilizer. All the pros know what I'm talking about.

Our first Wedding Cinema: June 1st 2013

Soon after we invested into film equipment (especially in tripods/monopods) and announced we do video only, no photography. Ever since then we only filmed weddings. Nothing else. We praise God for leading us and continue to follow this journey He laid before us. We are so happy to meet so many amazing people and stay friends with them. I never knew filming weddings like this would do so much!

And this is just the beginning!

-Andrey Solodyankin