Here is our little story, it is personal and private to us but we feel it is important for our friends to know where we come from and who we are. So please enjoy this "Indian Love Story" my Russian father likes to joke. 

How it all started!

Second year of college I attended to one of the college openings and found what I have been searching for, film class. I didn't hesitate to sign up. Little did I know I was signing up for something much bigger than just learning more about film making. I met James Sielaff, who introduced me to many things I use today for wedding films, George Cochran, a film professor we stay in touch and most importantly my wife, Mercy. I still remember as if it was yesterday when I walked in through the wrong door, ending up in front of class and getting scolded my the professor for being late. I don't remember exactly what his words were because I was too distracted staring at this exotic asian looking girl wearing red in the back. The moment was like in those movies where a boy sees his future love in slow motion, literally! The first year and half we were friends both secretly knowing we like each other. The second year and a half we started dating and it was the best. She rocked my world. I cannot live without her, she is my other half. I love her.

Visiting India, my wife

After I proposed in USA, Mercy flew back to India two weeks after to celebrate with her family. Our plan was to get married in US. But God had other plans and made a way for me to go visit India, while waiting for Mercy's Visa to be approved. For 8 months, we talked on the phone every single day. It's been almost a year since we heard from USCIS's approval for Mercy to come back to USA so I couldn't wait anymore. 

None of this was planned, I was really following my heart and trusting God. It was supposed to take 4-6 months for government to respond for Fiancee Visa if the visa was approved or not. It's been 8 months and counting. So I purchased the tickets and surprised Mercy and her family. The day I arrived to India and met the love of my life, we received an approved email from USCIS. I couldn't believe my eyes I had to read the email twice and had Mercy read it out loud for me. It was amazing news and what are the coincidence. This was just one of the many signs Mercy and I were definitely meant for each other. It was one blessing after another! Things were moving forward for us.

Engagement Day (India)

Mercy comes form a tribal culture called Hmar, they used to be head hunters. Very cool background story, Hollywood even made a very accurate movie about them called, "Beyond the Next Mountain". I had the opportunity to visit, meet the family and get to know their culture. My favorite part was proposing to Mercy, with an ax head wrapped in white clothe instead of a diamond ring in a black box. Almost a good enough excuse to save lots of money. Now that I think about it, the ax head was probably meant to collect my head in case Mercy's response was a "no". Thank God that wasn't the case!

After we got married and came home from India, we announced our second wedding by making a video invitation. After filming our first official wedding cinema together which was called AVS Photo Pro (now Andrey Solo Films) we had this idea why not make a video instead of photos to invite? My wife is a genius coming up with these ideas :)

Our very first wedding film

I think it is important to share this part. Where Andrey Solo Films all started. This wedding cinema is unofficial. Even though I loved film making and already received great recognition in my time, I have rejected many brides from filming their wedding day. I only offered photography services for weddings instead. I wasn't really turned on the idea of filming 2-6 hours weddings. This Tyler and Kristina booked me for photography services before Mercy and I got married. 2 days prior their wedding day, the bride's father called and requested me to film his daughter instead of taking pictures. I was not in keen of the idea but then somehow everything clicked in that 15 minute conversation. Learning film making techniques from real film industry, why not implement that instead of boring old traditional wedding style. So I said "yes and I'll do it for free. On top of that, I'll provide photography as well..."

I only had 2 Cameras at the time and no audio. But the results were phenomenal and my wife and I made the decision we are going to announce our wedding film services. Since then, we have been getting bookings than we ever anticipated. God truly works in amazing ways. Thank you all for supporting in what we do. This wedding was filmed 2 weeks after my wife and I married.

Hopefully our little story gives you a better picture of who we are and where we come from. Why we love making wedding films and not just do it for money. We are good at it but we are more passionate. We know what is it like to find that true love of yours and we feel it is important to document it. To support marriage and share with the future generations true love stories. I had plans to get involved with Hollywood and film industry but God had bigger plans for us and we are truly thankful and blessed for that! If we film your wedding, it will be our utmost privilege.

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