How does Andrey Solo Films work?

There are three steps we take in producing and mastering your wedding film; Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

Let's break it down.


This is the planning step. We love this step because this is where we get to meet new people, you. I always love to tell my couples that the more questions they ask, the better. This is because we are communicating and planning to your big day. If this day is important to you then let us in on it and treat it the same way as you. So reach out whenever you have questions, even if it's outside of the film realm. I highly encourage you to always do that. This develops friendship, excitement and also a better understanding of what the final product you expect of us. Every couple is unique and we want every wedding to be as unique. 

You will also hear me mention that this is the most vital step too! Why? Because when it comes to your wedding day, there will be no time left to plan. So if there is someone or something specific you want us to capture or perhaps have special requests, then finding that out before the wedding day will produce better results. Having your wedding planner or coordinator getting in between me and you can cause miscommunication and we prefer to build friendship and communication directly. Getting excited about your wedding day together is one of the best experiences you will ever have, trust me! So whatever ideas, concepts or questions you have, don't wait until your wedding day because that is the day we move to the next step, production.

Two weeks before your wedding day we require two things from you. The final agenda/schedule form of your wedding day and also a quick chat to discuss anything else that needs to be discussed. If we don't get the details, hours and locations, it's not our fault that we have failed to be punctual for you. Please be very specific and double check on the locations yourself. I've heard many cases where addresses can be at two different locations. I heard from one of my friends that they arrived and started filming the wedding ceremony only to find out later it's the wrong wedding they were filming. Another reason why it's good to get familiar with each other before the wedding day :) 


Alright, today is your wedding day. The euphoric day that we all have anticipated. So this is my favorite day because we get to spoil you and let you relax and celebrate joy with you! You will also be reminded that no wedding day is perfect. Despite any hiccups that can occur, there is only one true goal, getting married to your bestie. Yes, totally true. This is not to scare you but prepare you that anything can happen and the best way to approach these bumpy moments is to laugh about it. You will laugh about it later too so why not just go along with what comes at you. That's what makes your wedding unique. That's what marriage is about, by accepting the other person with their imperfections. That is why it is important that you enjoy your wedding day no matter what. We love tough brides because they keep the smile going through any phase they deal with and in return we capture amazing happy moments and they never regret waiting until after their wedding day to deal with whatever it was, if it's worth that long of a wait...

Another important thing is to not plan too much but just have an outline. I mean who has ever had their life planned and executed just exactly how they envisioned? Same goes for wedding day. My wife and I are really good on our feet when it comes to change of plans or plan B all the way to plan Z. 

We love to capture as much content as possible. That is key to a beautiful wedding film. The more content, the better the story. So when we say content, that means, bridal preps, first look with daddy or husband, ring exchange, letter exchange, love letters, gifts, personal vows, toasts, etc. Just think of it this way, what looks more fun to watch, bridesmaid sitting and texting on their phones the whole day or your girls organizing the flowers, bringing you tea, steaming their dresses, laughing, crying and goofing off together? All it takes is for you to tell them this is what you want. We also learned that sharing them that Andrey Solo Films is filming your wedding will increase their chances of being creative themselves. It's true. We learned that when people see the quality of the work, they get so excited that they want to be part of it and contribute so much more. It's this positive energy that grows and next thing you know we have this super amazing wedding film to present and its all thanks to the bride because she communicates :) And to have extra bonus points in making your wedding film the best, here are a few simple tips, do's and don'ts.

The Do's

-Use natural lighting because this makes you look more beautiful. Educate your girls as well. When they know, they will know and take advantage. We will request to kill the house lights because the yellowish color isn't everyones favorite. Plus it will create ugly eye shadows, no one wants that. 

-Sit on a high chair. This is super simple that makes super difference. Why? When you sit on a high chair, you automatically create this beautiful body posture without thinking about it. It's just like you posing and showing of those curves thus capturing that for your man will be many "Thank yous" from him :) Don't just spoil yourself, spoil him too!

-Dialogues are keys to creating a story. If there is anyone important you want to speak during wedding or even before ceremony and want us to capture it, let them know and let us know :) we encourage it because our goal is to make the most out of it for you!

The Don'ts 

-Don't chew gum. This is bad if you chew gum and forget to spit it out before walking down the aisle. Trust me it's better not to risk it. I try to pay attention but there were times where brides were so sure they won't forget until they get so nervous that they chew like a cow during walking down the aisle. Not my favorite scene to use if that is the case. So don't worry about chewing gum because if your breathe stinks, it'll be too late once the officiate announces you husband and wife and you do your first kiss...


This is the last and final step. One of the simplest yet challenging part, waiting on your final product. We are just as anxious getting your wedding film delivered to you as soon as possible. It is also highly likely we will be back logged as well. That means working on other weddings before yours. Putting it together takes time and we want to ensure that every bride gets just as much quality and treatment as you. So we ask for your patience. If you want to put your wedding as a priority, special requests can be arranged. Just let us know. But if you can wait a little, then it's very easy to just forget about it until you hear from us again. So far we were able to deliver weddings before 1st year anniversary so it's safe to say you will be seeing your final product before your first as well. 

Once you hear from us that we have started working on yours, that is when the excitement will start to happen. Because then you will be expecting your wedding film. You will know when we reach out to you because we will be bothering you a lot once we start. Primarily making simple requests like providing your top 10 or more favorite photos, confirming your mail address for final product, etc.

This is also a good time to let us know if you want to upgrade to an extended version or add anything else before we deliver final product. 

I do want to add one more thing about 1st anniversary. We have noticed many couples who waited until their first year anniversary to watch their wedding film for the first time only enhance the experience. I mean what better way to celebrate your first year other than watching your wedding and reliving the moments for the 1st time together, right? It's just like waiting for your favorite movie to come out. How you prepare for the day and get your favorite snacks and drinks prepped up. Once your wedding film is ready for delivery we will notify you. If you feel you cannot control the temptation, we can hold onto your film and have it delivered the day before your anniversary instead. Just ask :) 


Was this information helpful? Please let us know what you think? Feedbacks will help us improve :)