These are private real responses from all our couples when they RECEIVED their MASTER EDITS. These are not requested reviews, the couples simply texted us after enjoying their final package.

James & Viviane

After they received their 3-6 Minute Theatrical Teaser:

Viviane - "OMG! We felt like we were there again! You guys are beyond incredible. Your love for what you do shows and it's mesmerizing. I'm in tears full of the same emotions I felt that day! Thank you SOOOOOO much. It's incredible (Crying Face Emoji) And th song choice is freaking cool. Gives me Chills!"


"I can't stop watching it. I'm reliving that night and don't want it to stop!"

Later again:

"It's so beautiful omg!!! I can't stop watching it. Every detail! How you captured a little piece of every event that night. It's so special and memory for a lifetime. And nice touch on the clouds [she's referring to the names in the clouds in her teaser]." 

Roman & heather

After they watched their Feature Film:

Heather - "Oh my gosh that is so awesome!!!!! I am crying and I want to see more!!! So definitely a teaser!!!!"

"Thank you! Everyone has loved the video so much. I've been telling everyone to check it out and I've watched it like 50 times and cry every single time!"

After they watched their Feature Film:  

Heather Confessed - "I think that I didn't really feel like video was a cost that I should budget a lot of money on. I guess in the scheme of everything you spend for the big day, I thought that video was something I wanted but not that it would bring me as much joy as pictures, my dress, decorations, etc. In hind sight, I am SO glad that I ended up with such an amazing video experience. Receiving our wedding video, after the wedding, in the format that Andrey Solo constructed it was like watching the most beautiful movie of my life and reliving one of the best experiences of my life. So much thought and planning goes into one special that goes by so fast. As the bride, I think you get to enjoy everything the least because you are being pulled into so many different directions, so it's nice to get to relive that moment over and over again as a spectator through video. I've spoken to and shared our wedding video with so many people who either didn't value a film artist or who had a horrible videographer and of all of them, I am the envy for the high quality, movie-like film we received from you!"

Roman Harper is an NFL player and he even shared his wedding on his personal social accounts. He wrote: "I got caught with my gloves down and got a little emotional. Just wanted to open up and let everyone see this"

Now this is a dude and NFL player and he's proud of his wedding film too!

Roman texting me: "Dre, thank you bro. You did big things these last two days. You have no clue how much of a blessing you have been for me and my family. Our relationship will continue to grow."


After they received their 6-12 Minute Theatrical Feature:

"We watched the highlight reel and are left in tears!!! It's so beautiful, thank you for making our video just as special as our day was!"

"Andrey, God bless you and your family. You have gone above and beyond our expectations and made us feel like you're a part of the family. It's not a mistake that God guided us to have you be a part of our wedding! I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude at the blessings that I see. This is more than special and it's something that we will treasure all our lives! Say hello to your incredibly beautiful wife and daughter. With all love from us. Have a blessed life!"

"We appreciate all that you have done for us. May God bless you guys. We can't express how much we love it! It's the best!"

Bartek & Yelena

After they received their 14-19 Minute Theatrical Feature and they watched it in their theater room on their 1st year anniversary and they grouped texted me:

YELENA - "Dre! We just watched the Feature... IT WAS AMAZING!!!

BARTEK - "We loved it!!! :D"

YELENA - "Haha so many fun unexpected moments. Our wedding looked more fun than I remember it! I'm just really impressed. I didn't expect to love it [feature film] so much!"


After they watched their 14-19 Minute Theatrical Feature (originally a 6-12 Minute but they upgraded to 14-19 minutes):


"Oh my Andrey... That was absolutely beautiful!!! It was pieced together better than we could ever imagine... We laughed and cried harder than we have in a long while!! Thank you so so much for taking so much time and care to make it perfect!!! You guys are amazing!" 


Cole & TANYA


"Watching our video probably for the 50th time again today and I am so thankful for all the hard work you guys put in! It is so beautiful! Y'all are so talented :) I hope you're still enjoying what you do!"

Daniil & anita

When they received their teaser:

Daniil - "No freaking way!!! We just watched it and we are speechless!!! Thank you so much!! Got goosebumps watching it haha. We couldn't have chosen a better cinematographer!"


After they received their online Teaser:

DAVID - "WOW Andrey! Amazing Video, Lauren and I both love it. You did an awesome job and far exceeded the high expectations. We've already watched it a couple dozen times and it keeps getting better. You truly captured the feeling of the day and the beauty of Barnsely Gardens. Lauren and I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work."

david & Lilia

After they received their 14-19 Minute Theatrical Feature:

David - "Bro, video is AMAZING! WE loved it so much man! Man it was so deep and so chilling we loved it so much, got us tearing up all over agian haha.

Lilia - "Hey Andrey! It's Lilia :) just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work you put into our video! It was such an amazing surprise, and the packaging it came with it really was amazing!! We balled our eyes out last night :) it was so special (Heart Emoji) God bless you guys! WE LOVEEEE our video so much and I'm so happy to share it with everyone and to show our families and future children one day. It truly felt like our fairytale movie!"

Justin & Nga

Nga - "HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We looooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I'm tearing up right now watching it because it was the best day ever and you made it so real that we are reliving it over again!"

"It was incredible! Thank you thank you sooooooo much!! You blew us again. Justin kept saying 'Wow! Unbelievable'"

"You guys ARE the #1 film artists!!! We are so lucky to have met you.. We love you! I can't even express in words how blessed we are to have you guys part of our wedding!! We would love to have you all over for dinner. I'll make a Vietnamese to say thank you!! PLEASE let us know when you have time for dinner!"

Later we had dinner with this couple only to find ourselves watching their film all together. Everyone was getting emotional and teary eye. It was fun. Because I can make couples cry. Justin is a man. And he cried too. 

MARTIN & anita

Anita - "(Lots of Smiling Emoji with hearts instead of eyes) Just watched the film together...(More Smiling Emoji with hearts instead of eyes) three times! And before the fourth round, we would like to thank you for this amazing film. It was awesome! WE love the beginning, you have chosen exactly the right parts of the priests' speech. And the end shows that we had also a lot of fun! Now that we see how good the quality is and how alive our memories became while watching the film, we want to have more (smily face emoji)!"

And the couple ordered more edits.  

Eli & Nadiya

After they watched their Theatrical Feature Film:

Eli (professional wedding videographer) - "ANDREY, there really isn't much I can say other than the fact that you did an incredible job! You are an amazing friend and extremely talented and what you do! You made my wife cry as much as she did on the wedding day! Thank you for making our moment so special and we will definitely keep recommending you to everyone that we know that gets married. Enjoy your Labor Day or whatever is left of it.

Nadiya - "I Know Eli already texted you but seriously - WOW! You do not disappoint with your videos! My parents, both mine and Eli's, were ranting and raving about it :-) Thanks so much!!"


Eli - "(texts me a picture of him, his wife and his child watching their feature film) Thank you!!!! Two Years :) the three of us are celebrating today!"


Chelsea and RASHAD

After they received their Teaser:

Chelsea - "We loved it!!! Tears and all! Thank you Andrey!!

After they recieved their Feature Film. They decided to wait until their first year anniversary to watch. But baby came along and never came to it. few months after bride called:

Chelsea - "I just wanted to call and say how thankful we are for the feature film. We loved it and I want to let you know that we were having a hard time in our marriage and when we just decided to sit down and watch the feature film for the first time, it was like we renewed our vows. Everything de escalated and your film did more than you can imagine. Thank you so much."

Ruvim & NINA

After they watched their Teaser:

Ruvim - "UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Way better than we imagined!!!! Just watched it with my wife and relived the moments! You are the best (Thumbs Up Emoji)"

"Brother, your work is incredible! I almost want to have another wedding just to have another film from you, TOO GOOD!!!

Sergey & Lubov

After they watched their Feature Film:

Lubov - "Andrey it's amazing!! We love it! :)"

"Andrey, I have to say THANK YOU!!! You & your team did an AMAZING job!!! Thank you!!! Very beautiful job, can't wait to share with my family and have them see the movie! It's so beautiful. I hope God gives you wisdom and strength to continue this beautiful work of yours!! Best Wishes, you are always welcome to visit us in NY"


We are so happy we went with you guys!! You did a wonderful job for us! Thank you again! Our family was just amazing by the work you did. We got wonderful responses :) Thanks again!"


Tyler - "Andrey!!!! OMG it's amazing!! (Lot's of crying emoji's) I'm crying! Haha. Just beautiful. Now I'm gonna watch it like a million times!"

"Just sent it to my parents :) my dad will cry for sure! Haha"

"My parents loved it! Made them both cry too! We're on a roll here! Haha"

Vladimir & Anna

Vladimir - "Day 5: We have not missed even 1 day of watching our feature film... It is INCREDIBLE!! Absolutely perfect. I cannot thank you enough guys. Seriously you have been so awesome to us and so giving! We couldn't have asked for a better film. Honestly every time I watch it... I feel like I am watching someone else's film because I can't believe that it's actually me on that screen! You guys made our wedding such a great experience, and you managed to capture it all in such a crazy film!"

"First time we watch it, it felt so short... It's because we were pulled so much into and couldn't look away! It's like watching our favorite movie over and over."

"We miss you guys and can't wait to see you again! I thank you for all that you and Mercy did! :) Let us know when you come down to Florida for some nice treatment"