I've had this question asked many times throughout my wedding film gigs: how long will it take to finish a wedding film?

To be honest? I don't know. It's like asking when will Michelangelo finish painting the Sistine Chapel! Everyone knows I'm not Michelangelo, but an artist is an artist. There are some video companies that may run it as a corporate with a team of editors, but I'm not one of them. It's just me. 

But the best way to answer this question is this: Depends on your wedding and how back logged I am. I cannot tell you until after we film your wedding. What we can say is we do our best to finish within a year, and let me tell you, that is a brutal job. Why? Because there's too much expectations from videographers about speed. But if you are an artist, it takes patients, not speed. 

Other than filming your big day with 2-4x more equipment than photographers, here's a visual perspective of what takes place in post production (editing your wedding film).

Let me know if this helps? I really want to try to communicate what takes place behind the scenes! Usually you only see our final product and it's nice and clean and exciting. But no one really gets to see the dreadful edits behind. I've been there many times because I'm the one behind the computer for every wedding films we produce. Just imagine watching the Notebook 100 times x 100 hours. Each wedding may be 3-6 Minutes or 14-19 Minutes but the work put into it takes hours. It's exciting to edit but there is also a break needed in between each wedding edit. Oh, yes. If you are beginner in wedding film industry, just wait and you'll see exactly what I mean! We like to call it editing juice. You simply run out of it and need to learn to recharge it. It's just like writers block, where a person cannot write a word. One way to overcome it is to simply just do random stuff, right? Nope. Video is way more complex. We are dealing with Music + Audio Dialogues + Visuals, not just writing. So editing block or editing juice does exist. And for everyone it's always different. For myself and my wife, we have to go do something new and fun. Something that can help us get our mind off while my brain muscles for editing are healing and recovering. And yes, it doest get stronger. But it does not speed up the edits, it's actually the opposite. When you get better at something, you spend more time. For me, we notice even more details in visuals and audio. We want to make the next film better than our previous ones. And one way to do that is spend more time on it. Find new ways. 

But if you are looking for speed and slap on work, maybe we are not the best fit for you two. Just don't get upset that your film doesn't look like our couples films. 

The most challenging part of post productions is drafting the film. The skeleton. And this also involves finding the right music. Sometimes I may find the song at first try, other times it can take days. I've had weddings where it literally took us 2 weeks to find the right song. To us, every step is crucial. Even when we were on our final step, BluRay Authorization can take weeks too. It's truth because I've had coding problems with one big wedding we did and had to figure it out. Took me 2 weeks as well. This is supposed to be simple stuff. But it's not. Because every wedding is unique. Every couple is unique. Every love story is unique. And we try to cater our couples their wedding films, not ours. We are not into cookie cutter wedding films. We want original every time and uniqueness every time. The old but the new. So it does get challenging when you have someone pressuring you to finish it NOW lol

Luckily, today and past few years after reaching new breakthroughs, all our couples are now awesome. I'm writing this to help couples have easier patience, even if they don't ask us how soon it'll be done. Because all couples need to know we are working hard and we are working on the weddings. Hopefully after reading this, will give you even more patience and peace of mind. If you really need to know when, you can still ask your videographers at the same time reassuring them you can wait if it requires more time. Because you cannot rush quality! 

The most brutal aspect of getting wedding films done is the backlogging. This means how many more weddings I have to finish before yours. Yes, it does exist. People marry before you and will marry after you. And it happens to be that I also may have been filming their weddings before yours. So there is a waiting line. We want each and every couple to have an amazing wedding film for themselves, no matter if they paid X,XXX amount or XX,XXX amount. And the more you order, the longer it'll take. We are just as excited and anxious as you are in getting your film done. We live in a fast world Amazon 1-Day delivery now (which is so unreal and awesome). But don't confuse corporate business with artists. 

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