Seriously lost count on how many brides we RECOMMENDED Lisa HEr!

Why? Well, you will already have a cake to cut in your dinner reception. So we don't need another cake face. Especially for Slavic couples, big mistake they make is not hiring a professional Make Up Artist. I've been very disappointed when a bride hires professional people like me and then get makeup done that looks like a train wreck, I'm not kidding. And no, I won't say who!

Ok, maybe you do have a friend or family who does makeup. That's what all brides say and then face the true terror on the wedding day. It felt like Armageddon. Don't find out on your wedding day, otherwise you'll be thinking about how to survive. No confidence and your groom will have to lie if you ask him if you look good, I hope not. Have fun.

But really, one way to know if this person is a great fit for you, your wedding and your satisfaction... is to do a trial test. Maybe it'll cost a little, but professionals will always charge and most likely you'll end up loving it. Plus, you'll be confident when you know 100%. Peace of mind is key. And if the make up artist is your friend, just make sure they had enough experience. In our industry, we say 10,000 hours put in will qualify you a professional. It's got to be into weddings. Makeup artist who do outside of weddings will face the truth that wedding industry is a whole different animal they may have never dealt with. 


...or someone just as good!

So who do we recommend? Lisa Her! If you find another great makeup artist who is local in Charlotte, most likely they have learned a thing or two off of Lisa Her herself.

Charlotte is a conservative city so there's no excuse in not being able to find a professional in your area too! And yes, Lisa travels too!

There's many great make up artists you can hire. We recommend Lisa Her as our favorite because we know her and we can vouch for her. And trust me, I'm very picky. We've first hand witnessed all kinds of crazy and she was able to overcome all those obstacles. And I'm afraid if it wasn't her, the bride would have a bad day, bad videos and bad photos. Do you see how important this is?

It's your biggest day, and his. So why not spoil him for once and unveil your ultimate beauty? Make him go crazy. Guys, get groomed too. There's a reason why they say Bride & "Groom", not Bride & Dude! Seriously, it's like 50 bucks to get a clean shave and parlor done. Be a man and swipe your princess away into an adventure as the prince charming your woman anticipates. It goes both ways giving your 100%. 

But to be real, I'll tell you, one bride had a black eye literally 2 am on her wedding day and Lisa Her was her savior, and ours. I mean we can work our angles but there are many cases where the angles will not forgive the black eye. Lisa's Skills + 16 hours throughout the wedding day and no one knew about it. Except us, because we were there to witness the action. Ehm, not the black eye, just the cover up. 

Another bride was sweating in a bus with no A/C in one of the hottest and humid days. I am not kidding, it was 2 hours in the sauna. Everyone was getting mad. Poor girl. How was the makeup? It was still fresh, like nothing even happened. If you weren't there to suffer with her, you would have never known. And this was right before the Ceremony... you know how important that is, right? 

I'm not over selling when I say her techniques will keep you looking fresh from the very first minute to the last hour. It's true. We've shot many weddings with Lisa, from walking down the aisle to crazy after-after party, we enjoyed filming the beautiful couple throughout, because they just looked so darn good!

And to prove it, these teasers below are some weddings we've done with Lisa Her, including with some stories we mentioned a little easier. No, we won't tell you which bride had the black eye and you won't figure it out either.

Remember, it's your wedding day. Don't shortcut your beauty! If you don't have a makeup artist in mind, well... now you know Lisa Her!

I rest my case!

-Andrey Solodyankin

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