I have realized many friends do not know what process is taken behind the edits of each and every wedding film we take on.


First before we get in depth, I want to share that when it comes to filming, we are not only dealing with imagery but also with sound. And to us videographers or cinematographers, sound is very important. Without it, there is no story. I mean it is nice and fancy to have visuals of everyone and everything but these are just visuals. Images that move. Sound adds a whole new dimension. It is what guides the story. I used to consider that video and sound was 50/50 importance but after having a lot of experience behind the works, I am more convinced that sound is WAY more important. I mean we are talking about 80/20. Seriously. 

Just ask yourself, how sentimental are your photos to you? Add 20 years from the day they were taken... Now look at it this way, how important is video to you 20 years from now? Now add the sounds to it too. Sound gives you things you forget, the voices that change throughout the years, the personality and jokes of that person or the other, etc. 

This is why I am obsessed with film making and always reject couples who request for me to do photography. I love photography, but I'm obsessed with film. 

I'm very confused as to why a lot of people think that they can get away with paying videographers less than photographers. Seriously, 80% of the time, videographers get less pay and do more work than photographers on the same wedding? What is this, lean beef?

Anyway, the right estimate (to make it fair) is to pay your video friends double what you are paying the photographer, that is if you are hiring professionals. I mean you always hear movie productions spending millions+ to make a film. Some have invested almost a quarter to a billion for one movie! Money of their own invested to produce a film. And hopefully they get a return. If there's no money invested to it, it sucks and no one wants to watch it. Now let's go to wedding films. Why do you think many want to quit? There's not enough profit for decent living and on top of that, we only have one day to film the wedding day. No screw ups. In multi million dollar productions, they can fix that by simply doing retakes, that's on top of all the time they have to film it, not one day. 

It's already intense for us all. I've had moments I want to quit too. Seriously annoying. Mainly because we felt belittled. But there are a few couples that put #1 in film finally and that feeling that there is a need for it is what keeps us going. And thankfully they understand the sentimental value in film rather in photography. I mean when do you hear a photography production paying millions? Possibly happened once in a while. But you never heard a photo session that would have reached billions? Are you starting to see a picture here? I'm not even going to get started on the equipments videographers have to invest and carry around versus photographers.