Frequently Asked Questions

I want our film to be one of the best! How do make this possible?

A. That’s great! We want that too! Rule of thumb in getting better film and perhaps close to the longer version is to have more content. More stuff happening on your wedding day means more to work with when we are making a short film. So if your wedding doesn’t have ring exchange, no bouquet or garter toss, no first look, no vows, no first kiss, etc. That’s completely fine because it’s your wedding. In order to make sure you get the most out of video, definitely let us know and we can try to figure out a few concepts we can do for your wedding film :)

When can we expect our wedding film?

A. To make it short. Before your first anniversary. Andrey Solo Films takes pride in the quality they produce. And most of that takes place in post production, aka editing. Just remind yourselves this film is going to last forever, even after our times so we take this thought process seriously and do our best in making the most of each and every wedding couples that hire us. If you hired Andrey Solo, you can expect Andrey Solo to show up on your wedding day and to edit your wedding film.

Can you edit my wedding even if you didn’t’ film our wedding?

A. No. We do not accept any weddings outside of our hire. We are already in high demand and if we were not busy, it’s still not the same. Every shooter has a different approach as to how they will film the wedding and with what. If there’s a special circumstance, then it may be possible with review.

Can we choose a song for our film?

No. Unless you have special permission in writing provided with that song. Then there’s a potential yes. We do not guarantee mainly because sometimes that soundtrack does not work with the personality of the wedding and the couple and the tempo of their voices/dialogues/vows.

Can we add the order package even after booking you?

Yes. You are always welcome to request more orders. But keep in mind it is always better to order as advanced as possible so we do not limit ourselves from it. For example certain locations for drone flight require authorization request 90 days prior minimum. So if you book me 30 days before your wedding. And location is not legal to fly drone, we cannot offer drone service because request needs to be done 90 days prior minimum. Another one is booking the best 2nd, 3rd shooters. Good professionals get booked up fast. And trying to add a 3rd/4th shooter 2 weeks prior your wedding day will be based on their availability.

Can we order more edits after our wedding?

Yes. You can order more edits after your wedding day. That’s the idea of giving you RAW footage. You can have other editors do it for you too. Not just us. If you order after we are done with your package, the waiting line will have to start over for you. In other words, if we film 10 weddings later and at the time you request additional edits, you’ll have to wait after we finish those 10 wedding edits first. So order asap to wait less.

Do you travel outside of USA to film weddings?

Yes. All the time. And we love it. All travel costs need to be covered by clients.