Just to make it clear, if you choose not to add any extras on top of your main package option, your wedding film will STILL be epic! We provide these services since we had couples request them before. We did not include prices because it varies depending on what package you get. So if you are interested in any, please inquire and we will send more information. Sometimes it'll be included in certain pacakges.


This has so much outcome and possibilities. If you are a celebrity, or have a high end vendor working with you, this is a good gift to make for yourself, them and all the viewers that will be enjoying an epic 59 second InstaTease!

Pre proposal film

If you want to be creative and film a movie to share with your other half during the proposal, let's bust it out. Do you remember seeing a viral video of that girl in an actual movie theater, only to be revealed with a movie made by her soon to be fiancee? If you dig that, why not do it yourself!

Hidden Camera Proposal

Have your proposal professionally filmed and then share away with those who also want to witness how it all happened. This is a good way to announce your engagement or save it for the wedding day to share. We even had groom have us secretly film and then share the video to surprise the bride on her wedding day that it was all captured. Most of all, it's a valuable moment that will be with you forever. 

Save The Date Video Invitation

Instead of sending out only the photo/paper invites. Let's make an epic announcement film that you can send out to all the guests you want to invite.

Boudoir Couture Video

Surprise your future hubby with a personal gift and make your man go CRAZY over you, he deserves the spoil, right? This is a good gift to give on your wedding day, yes?

Love Story/Concept Film

Let's make an awesome true love story of how it all happened. Whether it's a serious, funny or fairytale-like, it's a testimony you will be sharing with the world. This concept is to develop and premiere it on your wedding day. Think about it, your guests are there to celebrate it with you, why not show them how it all began! Personally this is one of my favorite things to do. We have had all kinds of amazing experience with this one.

Hollywood Movie Poster

Don't only have a love story. Make a legitimate Movie poster you can present during your wedding day. Or as a gift to your families. Or maybe you just want to have one hanging in your living room. A good conversation starter that leads to watching your love story.

Rehearsal Dinner

This time is pretty important and you may not realize it until it happens. Don't miss the chance to have it captured. Just think about it, it's very close friends and family getting together and sharing happiness. We find that there are a lot more toasts presented at this time than on wedding day itself. 

Second day shoot

After your wedding day, you really want to capture a couple more epic creative shots with us without the stress of trying to be on time for your guests and family. This will definitely give us an opportunity to make something new and original! Second Day shoot doesn't have to be right after wedding day. 

Same Day Edit

Have your wedding film edited on the same day and presented on the same day to your guests before the wedding day is over! It's like you are treating to yourself and your guests a movie night! This is a good way to entertain, wow and finish off your wedding day!

Video/slomo/confession Booth

Why limit yourself with photo booth? One of the best ways to engage your guests is getting them to confess their secrets! Instead of having your guests in line at the bar, let them be in line at the video booth ready to share whatever it is they want you to know. Whether it's a confession, testimony, wishes, interesting story or just be plain goofy and make you laugh! This is a must if you handpicked your guests and value each and every one of them. 

Full Documented Ceremony Edit

Have a full ceremony put together. A clean up edit without special effects. Keep it original and genuine. Good option to have when you want every part of the memory or want to share with close ones who couldn't make it to your wedding day! Included in Royal Package.

Full Documented Reception Edit

Have all the important parts put together. Toast. First Dance. Etc. A clean up edit without special effects. Keep it original and genuine. Good option to have when you want every part of the memory or want to share with close ones who couldn't make it to your wedding day! Included in Royal Package.

Theatrical 3-6 Minute Teaser Film

You ordered a feature or recap and want to keep the more personal stuff private, teaser is a great way to share publicly and show off your beautiful wedding to the world. Included in Queen of the Meadows and Royal Package.

advanced 3D name intro

Add a 3D logo of your names in your wedding film. Best way to wow your people with catchy eye candy visuals! Included in Queen of Meadows and Royal Package.

Express Edit

We edit weddings in order. If we are backlogged and you CAN'T wait to get your final wedding film, we offer express edit to put you in the front of the line. 

additional Cinematographer

It's always better to hire additional help. If you are not sure you need more shooters to cover more grounds, we can discuss what is best for you and your wedding. 

AdditionAL hours

Need more time for us to cover your wedding day? You can always request to extend it on or before your wedding day! 

Epic Drone Footage + 1 Operator

Have aerial footage to create that epic feel. If you have destination wedding, this is a must! If you got a nice place, there's no better way to show it off with aerial scenes. note: We will bring our own drone with us but it's no guarantee we will get drone scenery since our main goal and focus is on the bride and groom itself. 

Camera Crane + 1 Operator

When it's crowded in Reception with guests dancing and the band playing, crane can't go wrong in capturing from higher angles. Have a unique perspective of everyone having fun at your wedding! 

Non Disclosure Agreement

Want to keep everything confidential, we offer non disclosure agreement. We are already respectful for all our couples privacy, but NDA is literally a clearance paperwork to make your wedding just a rumor. 

Additional DVD/BluRay/Flash Drive

Having digital copy is an awesome free way to share with anyone you'd like. Having a physical copy is more awesome and a good gift to give to friends or family or whomever you please.

RAW Data

Want all the original footage? All the unedited stuff, the good, the bad and the ugly? And if you know film industry, having bad footage too is normal. This RAW NLE is free with any package you choose.