Here's the cool thing about Andrey Solo Films and couples with a tight budget. We understand that quality cannot be negotiated and want to serve as many brides as possible. We love what we do and want the best for anyone who practices marriage.

If you are on a tight budget, check this out. Whether, you are a celebrity couple or a small tribal village couple we treat you the best of the best.

Budget package is just like any other package you see in our investments. You get Andrey Solo Films and you get your RAW footage. There is no strings attached, you don't have to come back to Andrey Solo Films after your wedding day to have your final product edited. If you have a friend or know how to edit yourself, go for it, we encourage it. We are just happy that you didn't go to the regret "I wish he filmed our wedding"  route. If you want us to edit, that's even more awesome. Just tell us when and how. We have a lot of couples get their love story put together right before their 1st year anniversary and I think that is awesome! What better way to celebrate your first year than this, right?

So don't stretch your dollar bill, be smart with finance and enhance your marriage experience with Andrey Solo Films.

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