Ludovic & Marie

Check out Ludi & Marie's 59 second InstaTease to see why this couple got featured in TheKnot. I promise you it's not an ordinary relationship we had the privilege to film :)

I remember the countless phone calls prior to meeting them. They asked many questions and were thrilled in planning their wedding day! I loved it. The more questions = closer relationship with them. I'm so thankful they invested their time for us. Beautiful couple inside and out. And my favorite part from this couples' love story and from what I understood is this:

Ludovic made photo collage and wrote love notes to Marie. I believe this was during College/University. Because of Marie's parents she was afraid they would discover the love and disapprove. So in order to protect the love she would rip every evidence. Ludovic caught on. And guess what Marie received as her wedding gift? You're right, goodie materials and original love letters from Ludi. Her true love, Ludovic, collected all the ripped notes and later reatached them! Talk about goosebumps!

I learned this story on their wedding day myself as well while filming the bride during bridal preps. Even I caught myself getting teary eye and I thought I've seen everything...

Below at 1:30 into the their true love story, you'll see her holding them laminated!

-Article/blog written by Andrey Solo himself.

Here is the issue featured by TheKnot.