Here is a couple of cool creative exit scenes you can incorporate into your wedding day. 

We recommend you do a test for yourselves this way you don’t have to embarrass yourselves on the wedding day. Trust me, it happens more often than you think, even with bubbles.


The most safe option is bubbles. It can be done in the dark and properly lit by video/photo team for desired effects. Consult with them in advance. You can also do it during the day which is my preference for better quality (with colors) and overall experience.


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The next after bubbles in safe zone. All I can think of this being dangerous is if paper gets in your eye but how likely is that going to happen? Buy the good quality ones. Just like bubbles, poppers can be done day or night. There are also streamers which are long silver strings that shoot out. I believe they even have streamers that are attached, keeping it mess free.

Smoke Grenade. 

I enjoy this one a lot. Make sure you buy the appropriate and safe Smoke Grenades. We order ours through a paintball shop. Not only is it more safe than general smoke bombs but it also has a pin you pull (instead of lighting the fuse) to initiate the smoke. 

Be careful, do your research and always practice to understand the pros and cons before using in professional situations. Last thing you want is staining a dress on wedding day. Also smoke bombs (from fireworks) can blow up accidentally instead of smoking, I do not recommend any fireworks smoke bombs.


An alternative and more safe smoke you can insect fogger as a smoke machine. Use the insect fogger device and replace the liquid with “Mineral Oil” you can purchase from any convenient store. It is odorless, safe and fun. DO NOT use the insecticide.

Glow Sticks

This is a simple easy one. Very fun too. The only challenge is the glow sticks aren’t as bright as you would anticipate. If you are doing this for photo, you will get cool effects with the bulb option on DSLR cameras. With video it’ll be more tricky, the more the camera can handle low light, the better for this situation. Even with a professional Videographer this can be challenging to capture. 


Sparklers are never enough. They are fun and a good way to end the night. Make sure you get the big sticks that will last you about a minute or more. Another helpful tip is to use a blow torch. Test it yourself. Using regular lighting can take up 30 seconds so its ideal to use something that can get the job done right away especially with a big crowd. You can also use an already lit sparkler to light another one but blow torch tops it all. Have a metal bucket ready for everyone to dispose after. Add some water for extra safety features.


This is my favorite. Although expensive but worth it. With the right resources, you can invest $500 for a 15-30 minute show which is plenty for photography and video. Guests will be very entertained too! If you want to royal up your wedding, this is the way to go. Not everyone is willing to invest but those who know the value will :) your wedding, your call.

Chinese Lanterns

This quickly became super popular (after disney cartoon Tangled?) but not everyone is aware how dangerous it can be too. Not my favorite because of the stress I get knowing how someone or something can get on fire. But if this is what you plan to do, please practice and have someone professional conduct it for you on the day. If you plan to get wasted on your wedding day, don't be the wedding that started a forest fire.

Water Lanterns

Like Chinese but the safe version. This, I like. It is also tricky to light too. But if properly planned in advance with video/photo team, you can have amazing memories captured with this exit scene. Don’t forget that you need current or light wind for the water-lanterns to spread out further.



Here is an interesting one. We’ve had couples release balloons along with the rest of the wedding guests. Some weddings would attach notes on the balloons, whether it’s a prayer to God or a game for the couple where if one later lands on the married couple, they have to do what is written in the note. It’s rare that would happen but stories have been told that if it did, the couple would have to buy the writer a new car if that was the request. So if you don’t have money to throw waste, don’t play this game. 

*Please remember Balloon releasing is not eco-friendly. 

Remember to be responsible with any of these concepts, it takes an idiot to do something really stupid and there are many out there. It is ideal to appoint someone as the organizer for any exit scene you plan. It can be anyone, just ask anyone you can trust with this responsibility and it should go smoothly from there. A person who had previous experience may be better. We also found having a smaller group to participate in your exit scene is more manageable. 

Make a blessed day!

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