After filming Jim & Rebecca their wedding in India. Jim Blessing gave me a call a few days later.  

 "Dre, when you said you want to build a studio and make a movie in Manipur. Were you serious?" That was his first words over the phone. 

I've anticipated to meet him in person again to go over more details about this film I want to produce in India. Movies always start with a pencil. And I feel this was the start of Studio Imphal. Even though there is no physical studio that exists in Manipur for Filmmaking, we all agreed together it already exists within the community itself. The people who are passionate on what they do. Different bodies and talents that can come together and create something big.


Even though Hmar culture have already filmed their own feature films successfully and if you youtube their music videos, you'll see 100s upon 1,000s of their music produced. It seems it's time to advance forward and see where this big project may lead to. It's a new approach. A difficult one. But with God and the support from many people from USA and India, anything is possible!