Crew and Gears on a wedding day

I know this may not be necessary but we have had couples ask about our setup before. Whether they are interested or professional themselves. Even though it may seem a lot, I hope this information giving you peace of mind knowing we are fully prepared and ready to capture your wedding day professionally and to it's maximum. 




We only work with professional who are highly skilled and experienced in this industry. Not only do they know how to handle the technical side, but also understand the stress that undergoes in a wedding day. We do not hire someone who is training on your wedding day. We always try to hire those we have worked with many times. The minimum team is 2 and maximum team is 4.



Getting assistant is very helpful in weddings that have tight schedules or a lot going on. Every second counts and their assistance helps save us time and in return let us capture more creative scenes. They help expedite the pack up and set up especially when there is more than 1 location to shoot in. With our big production equipment they are familiar with their purpose, names and how to be setup. More importantly they know what to provide and when. Depending on agenda we decide if we need an assistant. On us. Sometimes 2 is necessary. 


Cinema Camera

We use full frame cameras that are capable to film in extreme low light situations without compromising the quality. We use 3 - 8 of these.


Professional Lights

Even though we are not required to, we bring portable and professional lighting. This brings peace of mind for our couples in challenging lighting situations. CRI level is above 95%. This is important if you want to have natural skin colors on yourself. The lights we bring can have the same color temperature as the sun, indoor lighting or even mimic candle lit environments. We end up using these 85% of Reception Weddings. We use up to 4 of these.


Zoom Lenses

We bring high quality zoom lenses. They are not cheap. But they are very useful for situations where we need to shoot from distance. Ex. Ceremony & Reception. This way we are not distracting the guests and also are not in photographers way. We use 2 - 4 of these.


Prime Lenses

We bring a variety of prime lenses. These are very important for lots of eye candy shots. From super wide to capture the whole details, to standard size to capture close up shots of beauty and details, to super close up macro to really close into details that the naked eye would not see.


Professional Audio Recorders

We bring professional audio recorder that we hook up into the DJ's system to audio record everything that takes place during ceremony and reception. In most cases, this is our main audio source for your final product. We use up to 2 of these.


Lavelier Mic

These are useful little recording devices. We use these during any important moments that requires high quality sound to be recorded. We also use them as backups during Ceremony and occasionally in Reception as well. They are very small and 75% have saved the couple from losing high quality sound because the main sound system can act up on them. We highly recommend to all our couples to wear these to have peace of mind knowing they will have clear audio in their end product. We use up to 3 - 6 of these.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 11.58.45 PM.png


Yes. I know. But if weather and location does not permit. We will not fly. Drones are great to capture beautiful aerial scenes but we also need to respect FAA regulations. I personally am not a big fan of aerial scenery unless it's very worth capturing the location. Usually destinations will have something beautiful but in most cases, weddings are already so beautiful and the way we capture it does not even require aerial cinema to compensate it.



Advanced Camera stabilizers. This is where it brings up the production value into higher standards. It helps create smooth cinematic shots with beautiful movements. It's a big system and challenging tool to use but the reward is amazing. We use 1 - 2 of these. 



This is an extra item we bring in case we find a creative angle to shoot, especially if it's a tight and tricky spot. We don't always use it but it does come in handy many times! We use up to 2 of these. 



This is handy when we are limited with shooters, especially during live events and setting up multiple camera angles. Up to 6 cameras. It also helps stabilize the shots too. These are static shots that capture subjects when they are in one position for a while. ex. Ceremony, toasts, etc. We use between 2 - 6 of these.



Like tripods but with 1 leg instead of 3. These are very helpful to get stabilized shots. Also very helpful when location is very space limited that limits the use of tripods. We use between 2 - 4 of these.