To all my relatives! This is Andrey Solodyankin. I am so excited to see you all, whoever plans to attend the big birthday party everyone is hearing about. You may have gotten this website link by another relative. This coming April is going to be special because Raisa Demyanovski (a.k.a. your mother, grandmother or great grandmother) is going to be 90 years old!

Why did I create this page? To get everyone on the same page because 90 is a pretty big number. Only 1.3% in USA live up to 90 years old.

Let me put this in another perspective. Grandma raised 10 kids, alone. She now has 51 grandkids and 77 great grandkids and more coming on the way! If you need to correct me on this number, obviously it'll be a higher number! 


For anyone who has missed the birthday party or want to reminisce, here's the video and below this home made video is the slide my wife Mercy, Mama Nadia and Raisa Yashenko helped put together. 



And to finish this off, enjoy a rap song Babulya produced many years ago. 

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