To all my relatives! This is Andrey Solodyankin. I am so excited to see you all, whoever plans to attend the big birthday party everyone is hearing about. You may have gotten this website link by another relative. This coming April is going to be special because Raisa Demyanovski (a.k.a. your mother, grandmother or great grandmother) is going to be 90 years old!

Why did I create this page? To get everyone on the same page because 90 is a pretty big number. Only 1.3% in USA live up to 90 years old.

Let me put this in another perspective. Grandma raised 10 kids, alone. She now has 51 grandkids and 77 great grandkids and more coming on the way! If you need to correct me on this number, obviously it'll be a higher number! 

And rumors are spreading that at least 60 of us are showing up on her 90th party. The current plan is to throw her Birthday party at Yashenkos House. If weather permits, we will do a nice park instead. But for now, Babulya's comfort is priority!


Here is the details if you plan to attend:


April 21st 2018

3:00 PM



5510 E Sunray Ln

Mead, WA 99021

Raisa Yashenko and her Mother are hosting the event and planning, here is her info if you need to reach her:


We want to have a good celebration for her 90th birthday, along with all others who will attend. And Mother Raisa doesn't want perishable gifts but rather a gift of memories with all her kids, kids kids and kids kids kids. Makes sense? 

Also, I wish to film the day and let her watch your 90th birthday video over and over to remember and reminisce every time. So be prepared to say something to Raisa (memories you had with her, what she has done for you, and wishes) I know this will be the best gift we can give her. 

We need to raise funds for her birthday party. Please gift or participate however much you can afford. Just know original plan was Golden Coral so you would still be paying at least $20 per person if you attended. No excuses, we are all alive because of her and her prayers. Let's give her a good time back! 

Here is the link to GoFundMe or PayPal page, whichever you prefer. I am not a professional planner but I think total of 1,500 USD should be enough for a good time with good food and help of additional services. If we still have money after hiring cooks and service + food supply. Then we will use the remaining for decor, etc. If we still have leftovers, we can spend the rest on flowers for Babulya to show her our love!


Also, if you have any photos of you and Babulya (or just Babulya) you want to include in the slideshow we will be presenting for her, please upload them in a dropbox or any other online storage accounts and email me the downloadable link to

And to finish this off, enjoy a rap song Babulya produced many years ago. 

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