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“My eldest sister was always frustrated with me for not being able to communicate with her.  I don’t blame her, even I didn’t know I couldn’t hear!”

Born with hearing disability, Andrey Solodyankin only knew a world of mere colors and movements. At the age of six, 3 successful ear surgeries gifted him with the ability to hear.

Instantaneously a love for Art was born, a fascination in capturing memories. Andrey’s artistic talents were discovered very early, originating with drawing, painting, design, creating music and finally film making. 

“I remember the day like yesterday, discovering a black box that can capture life, and then share the moments with the rest of the world… it was beautiful. And I was sold!”

ANDREY SOLO FILMS (Husband and wife team) was established following Andrey’s marriage to his Indian sweetheart who shares his passion for filmmaking. 

“Art is my native language. With today's tech, I am able to communicate with the world through the creation of timeless films. Destination, Elopement, Cultural, or Private, all weddings are unique and have a beautiful story to tell. Capturing those raw moments is a privilege! I love it. I live it. I breathe it.”

-Andrey Solodyankin

Andrey and Mercy Solo are traveling around the world filming beautiful cultural weddings including many multi-cultural infused weddings and celebrities. Covering from European continents to Asia and even neighboring countries in North America, Dre and Mercy have covered the following culture/ethnicity weddings: Russian, Indian, Manipurian, Hmar, Brazilian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Maldivian, German, Haitian, Portuguese, Mexican, African American, Native Indian, Canadian, Turkish, Korean, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Chinese. The number of love diversity continues to grow!

Our first wedding we filmed together (Mid 2013)

Our first wedding we filmed together (Mid 2013)

Couples that have created memories with Andrey Solo Films

Before becoming full time in wedding films, I was heavily involved in the film industry, click here are some BTS photos. This is also how I met my future wife.